Rhiannon Faulkner - The Faulkner Tarot Deck
Rhiannon Faulkner -
The True Story behind the Deck...

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The Faulkner Tarot Decks 4th birthday.
The story behind the deck.
Rhiannon Faulkner started receiving messages from Spirit about a tarot deck they needed her to produce nearly four years ago. Her guides showed her clear messages of each picture they needed to be re-created, using black and white photographs of everyday life situations.
Rhiannon detailed everything she was shown and passed it on to her friend Natalie Rorie, who is a keen photographer. Rhiannon recalls,”I knew exactly what spirit had shown me, but I was frightened that I couldn’t describe it in enough detail for Natalie to see the same image. I still remember receiving the first CD that Natalie sent me of the she had taken. I sat back in utter shock as I realised she had captured the exact images I had seen. Our guides were communicating well together too.”
Rhiannon to follow her instructions from her guides and chose to use her husband and children as the main models. She had already been told that it should be called The Faulkner Tarot. Her husband Dave is three of the kings and her children are the pages, with her youngest child, Daniel in the 9 Cups. 
It only began to dawn on her what a deck Spirit were creating as the minor arcana – the four – started to appear. She says, ”They tell a wonderful story of everyday life and its highs and lows. They enable us to give genuine advice when giving a reading, as we can easily relate to problems in our own relationships or careers.”
"There was a huge sense of urgency to finish the deck and the accompanying book that teaches people how to use the deck for themselves. They had me up until about 1am most nights channelling their words for the book, but I just didn't know why they needed me to rush. My family were getting frustrated as it seemed to take over my life. When it was finished, I just put it in the kitchen drawer, much to the annoyance of my husband Dave. I didn't have the finances to get it published straight away and we were wondering why they had asked me to do it there and then.”
About six months later, the terrible realisation of why Spirit had needed the deck to be completed then dawned on the Faulkner family. Rhiannon's husband Dave was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 45. After another 6 months had passed, they were given the news that it had spread to the and that Dave only had weeks to live. Rhiannon and Dave both realised that Spirit had needed pictures of Dave healthy in the deck and that was the urgency to get the deck finished the year before. The deck was still sat in the kitchen drawer and Dave wanted to be able to hold a copy of it in his hands before he died, to give it his seal of approval.
In January 2009, Dave lost his battle to cancer, leaving Rhiannon with their five young children and a huge determination to keep Dave's memory alive.